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Tue Oct 27, 2020 7:48 am

bout have 3 types bots , Patch , Surge, and Ram.

i have been playing all MAX Level characters except Surge.

so i'm talk about stats Balance between Ram and Patch.

Patch's specialities are "TA(trans bot attack)" , "TD(trans bot def)"
so it can destroy "Named HP gauge(Td mobs) Virus" quickly through TA+Basic attack

Ram's specialities are "Trans attack", "Trans Speed", "Trans Gauge"
so it can destroy "normal HP gauge mobs" quickly through Trans.

now let's see the stats about them.

Standard : Max level, same parts and gears (td shield and shoulder, TA flags, TA minibot)

HP : 2548
Evade : 150
Speed : 1065
TD : 824 (+603 than ram)
Basic ATK : 82~ 98
Critical : 729 (+534 than ram)
TA : 2747 (+847 than ram)
Ranged ATK : 1000
Trans ATK : 236~375
Trans Gauge : 1196
Special Trans : 200
Trans Speed : 0
Luck : 200

HP : 2563 (+15 than patch)
Evade : 150
Speed : 1065
TD : 221
Basic ATK : 125~140 (+about 40 than patch)
Critical : 195
TA : 1900
Ranged ATK : 1000
Trans ATK : 340~466 (+about 100 than patch)
Trans Gauge : 1846 (+650 than patch)
Special Trans : 554 (+254 than patch)
Trans Speed : 689 (+689 than patch)
Luck : 200

This is my solo average clear time at 118 map.

Patch : 8~9 min
Ram : 5~6 min

yes. Ram's Clear time is faster than Patch but this is natural.
Ram is specialized character at Sector.

but i said that
"Patch" can destroy "Named HP gauge(Td mobs) Virus" quickly through TA+Basic attack

Despite the patch's specialities , when ram use trans , although ATK & TD are lower than patch, due to ATK Speed and Trans ATK , Ram can destroy TD mobs quickly than Patch.

In conclusion, Patch has not merit for playing.

So, i think that solution is

"Patch's Basic Attack increased."

Attack dmg to TD mobs is depend on Basic ATK and TA.

Patch's TD is higher than ram, but Basic ATK is lower.

of course, this might my delusion.
idk about Balance well, i am just player.
maybe Admin or GM knows about it rather than me.

i hope that All bots don't to be abandoned.

i want to enjoy Bouteagle for All Types Bots through their specialities.

if you have an ideas about it , Write here for free :)

thank for Read :P
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Tue Jan 26, 2021 1:19 pm

agree with everything you said here to be honest, was pondering making a post similar to this myself :D

Hope admin/dev reads this so they can look it over and balance right !
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