BoutEagle Rules

Information about the game that does not fit in announcements
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Hey, welcome to BoutEagle! Let's get started. There are a few simple rules you'll have to follow to prevent any kind of trouble.

In-Game Rules
  • Hacking/Cheating is strictly prohibited, examples are : modifying game memory to manipulate your client to do actions that are not intended to occur under regular circumstances.
  • Do not modify any game mechanics, meaning you agree to not modify game data in an illegal matter, examples are : modifying your damage, modifying or altering game files(exceptions are : modifying ba0, ba2, tga, jpg, sct, wav and png file extensions, these are legal modifications.), modifying monster information, this falls under hacking and will get you permanently banned from BoutEagle once caught.
  • Do not spam, spamming ingame or in our lobby is not allowed, it'll start with a verbal warning from one of our staff members, if you continue to break this rule, your account will be temporarily suspended from BoutEagle, if you continue after that, your account may be suspended permanently.
  • Bug abusing is not tolerated, all bugs should be reported upon discovering, if you fail to do so, moderation action might be taken against your account, considering how serious the abused bug is.
  • Impersonation of members or staff members, we know; this is the internet, everyone is anouymous, but we do not allow nor tolerate impersonation of either regular members or staff members, by using someone else's name, and getting caught will result into a permanent suspension of your BoutEagle account.
  • Advertising any service outside of ace-games, we know; creating something great and having no attention towards it is a pain, but look it from our position, if we lose our players, it will feel like a pain to us, too. If we caught you doing this in the public, your account will be suspended from BoutEagle, the only expection of this rule is, you are allowed to invite your friends only; they're your friends, and you may have fun with them, we aren't stopping you.
  • Flaming users or staff members (or both) is not tolerated in any way, users and staff members of any kind are allowed to report or ban you for this. Bans for this violation is permanent and your account will not be unbanned on request for this action.
  • Asking Staff members for illegal favors, what I mean with this, is asking them for items that were illegally obtained through their power, legally obtained items (such as boxes, gold, etc) is allowed, this rule only counts for Administrators; moderators and GMs cannot use the gift or trade function.
  • Causing drama; all sorts of drama will be dealt with with a temporary ban.
  • Multiclienting is not allowed by rule if found out action will be taken with consideration to the seriousness of the multiclienting!
Forum Rules (Global ace-games rules).
These rules apply for all ace-games services; the forum is where your account is stored, if you get banned from the forums, you get banned from all services we offer, be very careful breaking these rules if you intend to break the rules.
  • Trading of your ace-games account is strictly prohibited, you may not give away your password, you may not sell your account in any possible way, if we find out, the trader and traded account will be banned. If the traded account is a Staff account, the staff member will face a demotion and ban.
  • Real Life trades are not allowed! Examples : I buy a JackHead from Qwantum for real money through paypal; it's not allowed; it can lead into scamming and you losing your money or item.
  • Spamming is in no way tolerated, it will start with a warning, if you continue, it can lead to permanent banning of your ace-games account, creating more accounts to continue will lead to IP bans.
  • Posting in the wrong forum, we do only warn people for this, in no way anyone will be banned for this, it is annoying to move topics to the right forums, please keep that in mind.
  • Pretending to be a staff member will instantly get your ace-games account banned, this is absolutely not allowed.
  • Advertising on our forums will get your account permanently banned, we understand that creating something great and having no attention for it can be a shame, but it works both ways.
  • Posting pornography on our forums is absolutely not allowed, and will get your account terminated, in illegal offences, your local police department may be contacted for violating the official law.
  • Being rude to staff or players, this is not allowed. Both, users and staff can report rude players and the head administrators will determine if someone is worth banning, or is simply getting a warning. On illegal offences your local police department may be contacted for violating the law. (Such as leaking private information)
  • No links to illegal content, this will immediately get your account banned permanently, and if this is serious enough, your local police department may be contacted for violating the law.
  • Impersonating anyone will be dealt with, with a permanent ban from all ace-games services, if done on the forums.
  • Leaking confidential information is strictly prohibited, if you leak sensitive information that goes past the line of illegal, we will contact your local police department and take appropriate action.