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Thu May 09, 2019 12:53 pm

Hello all,

We have recently released a few updates to the game.
First of all we have upgraded our forum software to a new version as well as another style. I hope everyone likes it as I do.
We are developing some extra features for the forum and the bouteagle website.
The easter event has succesfully concluded.
The server end has received an upgrade and is more stable though it throttles within the lobby sometimes(fixes for that are also on the agenda).
We are working hard on new updates, new ideas and all that.
We have an official discord server, you can join our discord server here: Discord.

Main planned updates
-replacement for the extreme, hard and medium modes (2 seperate updates most likely)
-web guide to bouteagle and all stages/bots
-donation ability+shop
-new content

Stay Tuned, Qwantum
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